When You Know You’re Old

I am 74 years old, and I have always looked younger than my age. I inherited my mother’s good genes for youthful appearance.

I was carded in a bar on my 30th birthday.

When I turned 40 one of my colleagues at work said, “You can’t be 40! You don’t even have any wrinkles.”

Into my 50s and 60s I was constantly told I didn’t look my age.

I hit 70 and everything changed.

I woke up one morning and found I had crepe paper skin and a turkey neck.

I hardly have any eyebrows anymore. I have bags under my eyes. Granny hairs regularly sprout on my chin.

I listen to classic country music and classic rock and say of current music, “I don’t know how those kids can listen to that shit.”

It’s been ages since anyone asked me if I qualified for the senior discount.

I can’t fake it anymore. I’m old. And the world is recognizing it.

I live in Eugene, Oregon, and Eugene lives for protest rallies. I attended one recently and as I left I was accosted by two men who saw by an item I was wearing that my political views differed radically from theirs. Two young native American women who were passing stopped and told the men firmly to “stop harassing that elderly woman.”

Wow. An elderly woman. It’s finally arrived.

Now I just have to learn to live with it and “age gracefully.” YUCK. I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.

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Peace and Joy,

Marjorie Beck




Author: wishicouldhavebeenthere

I write a blog foremost because I love to write. I have lived with depression most of my life, and I blog some about that, but about a lot of other things that interest me, too, such as greyhounds and kittens and our dying planet.

8 thoughts on “When You Know You’re Old”

  1. Oh Marjorie, I’ve already reached this stage and I’m 10 years younger than you. Yes, I have hairs sprouting on my chin that I would far rather find where my eyebrows should be, and I regularly say things that I heard my parents saying all those years ago. Still, it was nice of those two young women to defend you … there’s always an upside. ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Hi ellem63! We do have similar paths on the aging trail, don’t we? Glad you liked the post. As to things that might get me to a protest rally, one hint is at that rally I was wearing a pink pussy hat. Other things I care a lot about are animal welfare and the perilous state of our overpopulated, abused planet. What things are important to you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pink pussy hat – I did wonder if you were in favour of diversity in cat breeding, lol! I googled it and get it now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like you, I support animal welfare and the environment. I also care about the welfare of the elderly and other vulnerable people such as those on the Autism spectrum and people with Downs Syndrome. I’ve started making ‘fidget/sensory’ blankets for people with Alzheimers and enjoying it very much, as it allows me to be creative and it’s relaxing. Thank you for the follow. ๐Ÿ˜€


      2. Hi Marjorie. People with Alzheimer’s/dementia often become agitated and having something to ‘fidget’ with helps to calm the mind and, yet, provide stimulation at the same time. Embellishments, such as zips, bows, buttons, etc. can be added to them, as well as pockets to keep photographs in. It’s stimulating for me as well to keep thinking up more inventive things to add to them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a link that will tell you more.


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